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Creating classes & setting assignments 📊
Creating classes & setting assignments 📊
How do I set multi-class assignments?
How do I re-mark AI-marked exam questions?

How do I delete an assignment?
Seneca's New and Improved Maths Courses!
Deleted a class by mistake
What happens when I archive a class?
How do I archive/unarchive classes?
How do I rename a class?
How do I delete a course from my class?
How to move students between classes
How do you remove a class as a teacher?
How to see students that have joined the class
Is there a way to transfer a class to a different teacher?
What's the maximum number of courses I can add to a class?
How do I see the actual questions and sessions that my students have done?
What's the maximum number of students in a class?
My students are showing up as 'Unknown'
The student details or names do not appear on the class list
Assignments are not showing up for my students?
How do I see past assignments as a teacher?
AI-marked Exam Questions for Teachers
How to share classes with other teachers
Smart Assignments
Sharing an assignment with your students
How do students complete assignments they have been set?
How long will an assignment take my students?
How to leave a class
How can I archive lots of classes at once?
How to create a class on Seneca and add courses to it?
Setting up a class after creating it
How do I invite students to my classes?
How do I add students to my class on Seneca?
How do I edit an assignment date, topic, name or the students it's assigned to?
Seneca Tutorials for American Teachers
Using Seneca for Intervention groups
How do I delete students from my class on Seneca?
How to create a standard assignment
Accessing synced classes with an unsynced account