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What is Seneca?

Seneca is an online homework and distance learning platform for students, teachers and parents. Each account type has a different function:

  • Students learn on Seneca.

  • Teachers set work, apply interventions and track progress on Seneca.

  • Parents track their child's progress on Seneca.

What's included in Premium?

This short video will explain everything you need to know about Premium for schools.

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On top of the free tier, we offer Premium Packages.

Our Premium accounts give students access to Premium learning features and content.

Premium Learning Features

Our Premium learning features help students to learn as effectively as possible. They harness the latest research and student data to focus students on the learning that will make the largest impact on their achievement.

We offer two Premium learning features to students. These are:

  1. Smart Learning Mode uses our smart algorithm, insights from cognitive neuroscience & AI to generate recommendations of which topic students should study next to maximise their learning. Learn more here.

  2. Wrong Answer Mode encourages students focus on the questions they struggle with most. Students will only see questions they have got wrong in the past. This really helps students to focus on the areas they're struggling with to help them boost their grades! Learn more here.

Premium Courses

On top of our Premium learning features, Premium offers 800+ Premium courses for students. These are exclusive courses with new content, memory techniques, and questions. Some examples of our Premium content are:

More information about the premium courses can be found here.

What's included for free?

Seneca provides all students with over 200 free exam board specific courses. These courses improve learning by adapting to each student to give them an individualised learning path to help each student reach their potential.

Teachers are able to set assignments, monitor students' progress & do everything that you can currently do for free. The Seneca free tier is so comprehensive as we are committed to all teachers and students to be able to access it regardless of their backgrounds & budgets.

How to get started?

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