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Get started with Seneca Premium for Schools
Get started with Seneca Premium for Schools

Your school has just signed up for Premium! Learn about what's on offer and how you can make the most of Seneca Premium.

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This article is for teachers in schools that have already signed up for Premium. If you are interested in learning more about getting Premium for your school, click here.

We offer free training sessions for our Premium schools, contact to book a session for your school.

What is Seneca?

Seneca is an online homework and distance learning platform for students, teachers, and parents. Each account type has a different function:

  • Students study and learn on Seneca.

  • Teachers set work and track progress on Seneca.

  • Parents track their child's progress on Seneca.

What's included for free?

Seneca provides all students with over 600 free exam board specific courses. These courses improve learning by adapting to each student to give them an individualised learning path to help each student reach their potential.

Teachers are able to set assignments, monitor students' progress & do everything that you can currently do for free. The Seneca free tier is so comprehensive as we are committed to all teachers and students being able to access it regardless of their backgrounds & budgets.

What's included in Premium?

Benefits for students

On top of the free tier, we offer Premium Packages.

Our Premium accounts give students access to Premium learning features and content.

Premium Learning Features

Our Premium learning features help students to learn as effectively as possible. They harness the latest research and student data to focus students on the learning that will make the largest impact on their achievement.

We offer two Premium learning features to students. These are:

  1. Smart Learning Mode uses our smart algorithm, insights from cognitive neuroscience & AI to generate recommendations of which topic students should study next to maximise their learning. Learn more here.

  2. Wrong Answer Mode encourages students to focus on the questions they struggle with most. Students will only see questions they have gotten wrong in the past. This really helps students to focus on the areas they're struggling with to help them boost their grades! Learn more here.

Premium Courses

On top of our Premium learning features, Premium offers 800+ Premium courses that students can use independently, or can be set by teachers as homework. These are exclusive courses with new content, memory techniques, and questions. Our Premium content includes:

More information about the premium courses can be found here.

Benefits for schools

MIS Integrations

Seneca's MIS integrations will make setting up and working with Seneca Premium super easy for your staff and pupils.

Seneca will link directly to your MIS (e.g. SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom, etc.) to pull up-to-date class lists through to Seneca. All classes will be set up with the correct students and any changes in class lists will appear when Seneca syncs overnight.

The MIS integration will reduce admin time for all teachers, but will be particularly useful in helping staff who find using technology more challenging as everything is set up for them!

Exam Questions Only Assignments

Exam Questions only assignments with thousands of free text, AI marked exam questions written by examiners and teachers, the perfect way to get your students exam ready! Premium teachers can also set unlimited standard Seneca assignments with 3 exam questions attached (rather than just 3 concurrent assignments).

Progress Reports

Whole school reports allow you to view and track data and progress across the school. This breaks whole school usage down by subjects using Seneca, individual students, teachers, and classes, and will show data by target groups such as Pupil Premium, gender, and SEN. This is the most granular level of data accessible with Seneca, covering assignment completion, homework scores, and study time (independent and assignment-led) - a great way to track usage across the school and identify areas for improvement or implementing Seneca further.

In-App reports

Dynamic reports accessible instantly on teacher accounts, use the filters to choose to see data for certain year groups or departments. A complete overview of all student, teacher and parent data.

How to make the most out of Seneca Premium

Top Tips

  • Set regular assignments to help your students get familiar with Seneca and get the best chance of success, including Knowledge Gaps assignments for individual, tailored learning.

  • Monitor the data regularly using the Grades tab and Report Cards or running a report to help keep students on track and the whole school reports to ensure you are getting the most of of Seneca.

  • Invite parents to view their child's progress and activity, parental engagement is key to boost student motivation, engagement and results! Send regular reports cards for individual students directly to parents

  • Set AI Marked Exam Question assignments, perfect to get students ready and prepared for Exam Season. It's also a great way to track their progress and challenge the high achievers.

  • Create Magic Quizzes using your own resources.

  • Get competitive with the class and school leaderboards. Healthy competition against classmates and other schools in the area is a great way to boost student engagement.

    Get in touch

    If you have any issues with your Premium, please reach out to or and we will be happy to help!

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