As we evolve Seneca's Premium School solution, we have wanted to ensure that you can always get the best visibility of pupil progress as possible. Now, with the advent MIS connectivity in September, we can provide a richer more granular level of reporting on your school use of Seneca.

Within the progress tab you will now see a new check box:

Rather than just reviewing a selection of classes that you are associated with you can now export a range of information across the school use of Seneca.

  1. Click the check box for Whole School Report

  2. Select the date range from the list or custom

  3. Click generate report

You do not need to stay on the progress report page whilst the report generates, you can navigate away and come back when you are ready.

Would rather read:

Once the report has been loaded you will have insight across 4 tabs:

Total SLT Snapshot - this provides a top-down whole school report showing data across each active subject department with statistics covering:

  • Total assignments across the given time frame

  • Total completion rates (on time and late completion)

  • On-time completion rates

  • Average score %

  • Number of active students

  • Total learning time in hours

Target Groups - thanks to the MIS connection we can bring more profile data points into the reports so you can monitor use and progress on dedicated cohorts across the student body:

The same data points (as the SLT snapshot) can now be filtered by:

  • PP

  • EAL

  • B vs G

  • SEN

  • FSM

  • Gifted and more...

Student activity - showing the most granular level of detail this tab draws all data down to an individual student profile level:

  • Student name

  • Student profile (PP etc..)

  • Student year group

  • Last login date

  • Assignments set

  • Completion rate

  • Average score

  • Total study sessions

  • Number of subjects studied

  • Total study time

  • Scores and completions across each subject

Teacher Activity - review platform use at departmental level:

  • Celebrate best practice

  • Ensure cross-departmental/phase adoption

  • Trend analysis

This report is available to all teaching staff at Premium subscribed schools who have a full MIS connection.

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