What is Wrong Answers mode?

How to use our new Wrong Answers mode

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Wrong answers mode was one of our most requested Premium features. 

With wrong answers mode, once you have studied a section you can return to it and study only the answers you have got wrong. This really helps you focus on the sections you are struggling with to help you boost your grades! 

How to use Wrong Answers mode?
Just hit "Try again" when you complete a section. You will then be able to choose between two learning modes.

"Adaptive" is a classic Seneca session with both notes and questions - you can use this mode as many times as you want for free. 

"Wrong answers only" mode is a Premium feature that will just show you things you have got wrong before. When you select "Wrong answers only" you will do a session featuring all the questions you ever got wrong. These questions will repeat until you get them all correct :)

Wong Answer mode through the sidebar

You can also access Wrong Answer mode through the navigation bar on the left side of your screen when you are studying a course.

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