Exam Questions Only Assignments

Your guide on how to make the most out of Seneca's Exam Questions Only assignments!

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We know how important exam preparation is for students—and we want to help!

With exam-questions only assignments, you can set exam-style assignments in just a few clicks, and our AI will mark them for you. Get access to thousands of free-text exam questions written by examiners and teachers - the ultimate way to get your students exam-ready, with none of the marking!

This feature is available for schools with Seneca Premium.

Video Tutorial:

1) Select 'Add Assignment' on your class overview page.

2) Choose 'Exam Questions Only' from the assignment options.

3) Choose the course and topics on which you would like to set exam questions.

You can see the number of exam questions available for each topic on the right-hand side.

4) Choose the exam questions you would like to assign.

You can order by number of marks, difficulty, accuracy or by topic. Clicking Preview will allow you to see the question exactly as the student will see it and the mark scheme.

5) Assign the homework to your students as normal.

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