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How to view the valid and invalid users in an MIS synced school
How to view the valid and invalid users in an MIS synced school

How can I view our valid and invalid users list?

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Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide - Students

  1. Click on the 'School' page from your navigation bar

  2. Select 'Students'

  3. You will be able to view both valid and invalid student accounts. Valid students are those who have an existing synced account

  4. Click 'Invalid Users' This will show you all the student accounts that we have been unable to sync, why they have not synced and how to fix it.

    • Duplicate emails, this means their email has been attached to more than one user on the MIS. Each email needs to be unique.

    • No email address, this could be either they have not got an email address attached on the MIS or the email address attached does not match the school suffix. It could be a personal hotmail/gmail account etc. In order to sync the account, all email addresses must match the school email suffix.

​5. Navigate to the 'Teachers' tab and click on 'Invalid Users.' Here, you'll once again see all the accounts we've been unable to sync along with the reasons. For teachers, this could be due to a duplicate email or no email, similar to students. Additionally, it could be because they have been categorised as Non-Teaching Staff.

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