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Why aren't my MIS classes appearing?
Why aren't my MIS classes appearing?

My MIS classes aren't appearing or showing up in the teacher platform

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If your school has an MIS connection with Seneca, teachers will be able to see all of their classes automatically. The "synced" badge indicates that they have been generated by the MIS sync.

MIS classes will only appear if they:

  • Have been created in your MIS (Arbor, SIMS, etc.)

  • You are attached as the teacher in the MIS.

  • There are students in the class in the MIS.

If you teach a class that isn't appearing in your teacher account on Seneca, please email your school's IT department asking them to check these three requirements.

If your school has no classes appearing at all

This occurs most often when all the classes are:

  • Missing at least one teacher in your MIS

  • Missing at least one student in your MIS

Please ask your IT/Data manager to make sure your classes are set up correctly in your MIS.

If you have any questions at all or require assistance, please email and we'll be happy to help out!

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