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What are Magic Quizzes?
What are Magic Quizzes?

How to create your own Seneca quiz!

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Seneca's Magic Quizzes use AI to build a custom quiz from your own resources.

Premium schools can generate an unlimited number of quizzes, and share these within the school for other members of staff to use!

How to generate your first quiz

Head to the 'Assignments' tab on Seneca, and click 'Create Assignment'.

After selecting which class you would like to set this assignment for, select 'Magic quizzes' under assignment type.

Click "Create a quiz"

When creating a quiz, you will be asked to enter the age group, subject, and exam board for the quiz.

Make sure to click "share with my school" so that other colleagues in your department can use it!

Enter your resources

You will then be prompted to enter the resources you wish to use for the quiz.

You can choose from text, PDF, or YouTube link!

It's best to paste in the material you want students to be quizzed on from your own teaching and learning materials e.g. a scheme of work.

This is great for creating Seneca content on topics that we don't cover, or specific case studies you teach to your students!

AI will then work its magic to create a summary of the text, followed by quiz questions!

Alternatively, magic quizzes can also be accessed via the drop down under your name:

Editing & publishing your quiz

Once generated, you'll be taken to the edit quiz page:

You can edit any of the text summary, or questions, and add more questions at the bottom. Once you're happy, you can publish the quiz which will allow you to download it as a PDF. You won't be able to edit the summary or questions once it's published, so make sure you're happy with it!

Alternatively, you can save it as a draft to return later to edit it, or delete the quiz altogether.

How do my students complete the quiz?

Quizzes set as an assignment can be accessed by students if they head to the 'Assignments' page on their Seneca account.

Here, they can complete it like any other assignment, with multiple choice questions!

It is also possible to create a PDF of your quiz should you wish.

Other new features

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