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How to Use Knowledge Gaps
How to Use Knowledge Gaps
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What are Knowledge Gaps?

Knowledge Gaps provide teachers with information about specific topics their students are struggling with, enabling them to set more targeted assignments for each individual student.

How to find Knowledge Gaps

You can find these within each of your classes. Click Knowledge Gaps on the left hand side of the class page.

Using Knowledge Gaps

Select the course you'd like to view the Knowledge Gaps for and choose the Best Score percentage you'd like students to achieve.

Now you have the ability to view each student individually along with the topics they find challenging. Simply click the drop-down arrow on the right to see all students who have scored below your selected percentage, along with the date of their last study session on that topic.

Once you've chosen your students, click 'Assign', give the assignment a name, select your start dates/ due dates and click 'Create'.

Knowledge Gaps are an exclusive feature available with a School Premium subscription.

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