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What is the Gradebook?
What is the Gradebook?

Use the Gradebook from within your Seneca classroom to see scores and completion across multiple homework assignments.

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How do I get the Gradebook?

To access the Gradebook, your school needs to have an active School Sync and you need to be using a synced class. The School Sync is free for the first year - click below to find out more! If you have any questions or are unsure about your school's sync status, get in touch with

What does the Gradebook show?

The Gradebook is designed to give teachers an overview of how well your students are doing across multiple assignments, so that you can work out which students are on track, who needs help, and who hasn't done what they said they would!

Once you've selected a due date range from the dropdown in the top left, the Gradebook will show the scores for all of the assignments from that class which have due dates within that range.

The furthest left column lists every student who was set at least one of the assignments.

The scores for each assignment are an average of the sections completed as part of that homework, including any AI-marked Exam Questions added. The "Avg" column shows an average score across all of the results shown here, and the "Incomplete" column gives a count of all of the homework that has not been completed for due dates in the range selected.

What if a student leaves my class?

If a student was set at least one of the assignments listed, but has since left the class (i.e. they've moved sets etc), they will still show in the Gradebook. They will have their name greyed out with a small exclamation mark - this shows that they're no longer in the class.

Why Use the Gradebook?

Get a comprehensive view of your students' homework completion and attainment over a specific time period or for each homework set. With the Gradebook, you'll have all the information you need on a single page. This will allow you to conveniently monitor the progress of an entire class on multiple assignments, enabling you to identify trends and patterns with ease.

The Gradebook page also allows you to generate and send Report Cards for each individual student directly to their connected parent.

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