Why sync Seneca with your school system?

  • Seneca will set up all student and teacher accounts;

  • Create, populate and automatically manage all classes;

  • Allow teachers to quickly reset students' passwords;

  • Reduce teacher workload;

  • And provide more accurate and valuable data!

To start syncing Seneca with your school, or find out more, get in touch with a member of our team:


What are the benefits of syncing Seneca with our school system?

Student, teacher, and class information are automatically populated from your school system. This takes the hassle out of setting up and managing classes. Student information is also completely aligned with your school system. This makes learning data collected on Seneca more accurate and useful. You can also easily reset students passwords within Seneca if they forget them!

What is the setup process for syncing Seneca with my school system?
Check out this guide for more info on the setup process.

What do synced classes look like to a teacher and student?

Will my old non-synced classes still be visible?

Yes, your old non-synced classes will still be visible to both teachers and students. You can either delete or archive them if you no longer want them to appear.

Can students leave or delete classes they are automatically added to?
No, one of the big benefits of classes synced from your school system is that students can't leave them. To remove a student from a class it must be done in the school system.

How often will Seneca sync with my school system?
Changes you make within your school system will appear on Seneca within 24hours.

Can I get access to classes that I am not connected to as a teacher in the school system?
Yes, initially you must be invited to classes you are not connected to in the school MIS system by a teacher that is connected to them. See this guide to find out how.

However, by September you will be able to choose which you would like to be connected to in the school system without being invited.

Does student learning data get deleted?
No, all student learning data is still available.

Can students move their learning data from a personal to a school account?
Yes, to do this they can follow this guide.

Will pupils also have all the old classes available or will they have both sets?
Yes, they will have both sets available but it is made clear which are the school synced ones. However, teachers can delete or archive their old classes if they would no longer want them to be visible.

Can students still manage their personal data?
One of the major benefits of syncing with Seneca is that students' accounts are perfectly in line with the school system.

Can you set up the IT department with administrative access for troubleshooting?
Currently, there the only way for IT departments of getting access to a full summary of syncs is to get in touch with school-integrations@seneca.io.

IT technicians and data managers may also find these guides helpful to troubleshoot issues:

However, from September we will support this within the teacher platform.

What happens to classes between school years?
If you delete classes from your MIS and replace them with new classes in September your new classes will automatically replace your old classes. Students will keep their learning data.

What extra features will be available in the future for schools synced to Seneca?
By September, schools synced to Seneca will have access to a number of additional features at no extra cost:

  • Allow all staff to get access to demographic data for each student and see the data alongside students' learning data.

  • Automatically make changes in class lists on Seneca to avoid having to manually add and remove students from classes.

  • Automatically add and remove teachers and students from your school's Premium account.

  • Give 100% clarity on who has access to Premium in your school (if they're in your MIS, they'll have access to Premium).

  • Allow school, department and year leaders to add themselves to any class in the school. This will create much greater access to student data.

  • Much, much more that we will develop through ongoing feedback.

Seneca's MIS integration is a Premium-only feature. You can learn more about the benefits of Premium for schools and how to set up Premium in your school below.

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