If you are a parent who has bought Seneca Premium

Our premium packages are designed to go onto Student accounts to give them the extra access needed (premium can still be purchased on a Parent account in the event that the student is under 13 and the parent wishes to maintain full control over the account).
If you have purchased a Premium package on your own Parent account and want to transfer it to your child's account, please fill in this form. We will usually process transfers within 1-2 business days.

If your school has bought you access to Seneca Premium

If you are a student & your school has created an account for you (or asked you to create your own), and you want to transfer your learning data to your new account, then please contact us via WebChat or email LearnMore@Seneca.io from your Seneca account email address, letting us know the email addresses of the accounts you wish to move the data across to.

Please note that we can only swap data between two accounts, we cannot merge account data from different accounts, so you will need to pick one to move forward with.

If your school uses our automatic MIS-Sync to manage your school account and classes, your classes may move to your old account temporarily, but will always move back to your school account the next day.

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