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How to use the Parent Platform
How to use the Parent Platform

A guide to using and making the most of the Parent Platform

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Student accounts can connect with parent accounts to let parents see their child's study data and progress on Seneca. You might receive an email from the school asking you to connect or you can manually connect.

Video Guide

Step-by-step guide to monitoring your child's progress


Once you've logged in to your parent account you will be taken to your home page showing all the study data of your child. You can have multiple children connected and can switch between them by clicking the arrows next to your child's name. You can click through to each assignment to see the questions and progress.

The first section of study data is the assignments showing all current and overdue assignments.

The live feed box shows all study on Seneca including the XP earned, percentage score, and exam question stats.

Study time can then be broken down weekly into total study minutes.

The menu bar at the top can be used to navigate to Assignments and Reports


The Assignments page will show you all assignments ever set for the student and whether they have been completed or not. You can click through to each assignment and preview the questions.


You also have access to the weekly study report for your child, found by clicking 'Reports'.

This will show you the total study time broken down by day and by subject as well as an indicator of how they compared to the week before. Assignments can be viewed with scores and due dates. From here you can click through to preview the assignment.

The last box on the Reports page gives you the average scores for each topic and includes how they compared to the previous week.

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