Seneca's online platform can be thought of as an effective & engaging interactive revision guide that can be used for free forever!

Summaries, notes, videos and lots of different types of practice questions will all be found on the Seneca platform. The system is also completely adaptive so your child's learning experience will be tailored to suit their needs.

Here is a video that zooms through an example section to give you an idea of what your child will see on Seneca 👇

Who uses Seneca?

Seneca gives 4.5 million students access to a world-class education for free! Students can use the platform to study independently or complete assignments set by their teachers. There are 250,000 teachers who use Seneca as their chosen online homework tool.

As well as students and teachers, 15,000 parents are now using Seneca to monitor their child's progress at school.

As a parent, you can easily connect to your child's account by sharing your unique link with them. This will allow you to get real-time updates of their progress across all those courses, including the following stats:

  • Time spent learning

  • Average score

  • Sessions completed

  • Correct answers

You can filter by date to see how things are changing over time and can even add multiple children if you like.

How effective is Seneca?

We tested our system in a Randomised Control Trial with 1,120 participants. Those using Seneca scored 2x more marks than those using a revision guide after 1 month. This is why we say Seneca helps your child 'learn 2x faster'!

What makes Seneca effective?

Seneca was designed in collaboration with neuroscientists from Oxford, Cambridge and UCL. The insights from these experts allowed us to produce smart algorithms that apply robustly supported techniques to enhance memory and understanding.

We do not just focus on memory, though, and believe that understanding and engagement are also worthy goals in education.

What courses does Seneca have?

Seneca helps increase the efficiency of learning for everyone between the ages 8-18. We cover loads of different subjects at KS2, KS3, GCSE and A Level.

Our courses have been written by senior examiners at the major exam boards and updated over time to make sure they perfectly match your child's exam board specifications.

We wanted to share the highest quality content with every student in the UK!

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