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Monitoring my child's progress 📊
How to connect my parent account to my child's account?
How to connect my parent account to my child's account?

Monitor your child's progress by linking your parent account to their student account

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Video Tutorial - How to Connect to your Child's Account

You can link a parent account to your child's student account by completing the following steps:

1) Create a parent account (if you haven't already!)

2) Click 'Connect your child's account'

3) Copy the link

Copy and share this link with your child. Or you can use e-mail & Whatsapp (check the e-mail doesn't end up in their junk or spam folder)

4) Ask your child to open the link!

Get your child to open the link in a browser when they're logged into Seneca (usually on the phone, laptop or tablet they usually use Seneca on).

5) You're ready to go!

You'll receive an email confirmation as soon as the link's been opened. You can now see their Seneca activity and they will know the accounts are linked.

Connected the wrong account?

You can stop monitoring this account by clicking "Disconnect" in your account settings:

You can read in more detail how to remove a connected child account from your parent account by clicking the link below:

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