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Update your Seneca School Sync to boost parental engagement
Update your Seneca School Sync to boost parental engagement

Review your Wonde permissions to roll out Seneca's parent platform at your school

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Seneca's Parent Platform can help boost parent engagement and improve outcomes!

Parents can login to Seneca and view their child's learning time, progress on Seneca, and any upcoming or past homework set by their teachers.

If your school benefits from a School Sync with Seneca, you can automatically have parents connected to student accounts. This means as soon as parents make an account on Seneca, their child's learning data will appear ready for them to view.

Here's how it looks:

Connecting parents to their students also unlocks Report Cards. As a teacher you can quickly and easily generate a personalised Report Card for each student and share them directly with connected parents.

To automatically connect parents to students, and unlock the ability to invite parents from Seneca classrooms, you will need to login to Wonde and approve the required permissions.

How do I approve the new permissions?

  1. Login to Wonde here - if you don't have a login, someone in your school (usually in the IT department) will have one

  2. Click on the Seneca connection

  3. Click on permissions

  4. Click "save changes" on the new permissions

What are the new permissions?

This is different for every school depending upon how long ago you joined our MIS integration!

The best way to find out is to login to Wonde and see the list - you can always just leave the permissions as they are.

Why does Seneca need the new permissions?

There are two main reasons we require the new permissions to connect parents to their children:

  • To recognise parent accounts when they sign up to Seneca (we don't create accounts for them)

  • For safeguarding; to make sure we don't connect parents to children who should not have contact

If you have any questions, please email

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