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Inviting parents to Seneca from your class
Inviting parents to Seneca from your class

How to invite parents to view their child's progress & homework on Seneca from within your class

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Teachers can invite the parents of students in their class to join Seneca from the students page within their Seneca class. This is available for schools with the Seneca MIS Sync and an up-to-date set of approved permissions in Wonde.

Parents can join Seneca for free to view their child's learning time, progress data, and upcoming & completed homework. This is great for boosting parental engagement - click on the button below to find out more.

You can also batch-invite all the parents in your class by using the "Invite parents" button at the top and the checkboxes to the left of each student.

Senior members of staff are also able to batch invite whole year groups from their home page.

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