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Getting started with Seneca Exam Boost
Getting started with Seneca Exam Boost

A step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of this Premium package.

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With Seneca Exam Boost, students get access to:

  • 800+ Premium courses

  • Unlimited use of Wrong Answers mode

  • Unlimited use of Smart Learning mode

  • Unlimited use of Quiz mode

  • Unlimited access to 8000+ exam questions

  • Mini mock exams based on study history

Keep reading to see how to make the most out of these features & courses 👇

Seneca Premium ist NUR für Lehrer, Schüler und Eltern in Großbritannien gedacht. Wenn Sie in Österreich oder Deutschland sind, gilt dieser Artikel NICHT für Ihre Schule. Sie können Seneca völlig KOSTENLOS nutzen. Für weitere Informationen nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns auf (

Adding Premium courses

We have different types of Premium courses. Each contains a different style of content that has a specific aim. For example, our Predicted Papers courses are designed to be as representative of real exams as possible and our HyperLearning courses are designed to give students a fun & fast overview of topics.

For an in-depth summary of all the Premium courses types, please click here.

To find our Premium courses head to your courses page and select 'Add courses' Tick both Free and Premium within the search filters as although you can use the additional Premium courses, you can also use features of your Exam Boost subscription on the free courses!

Wrong Answers mode

Wrong Answers Mode lets students return to a topic they've studied before and study only their incorrect answers so they don't have to study the whole section again. This really helps students focus on the specific parts of a topic they're struggling with to help boost their confidence & grades!

Wrong Answers Mode can be accessed on the course 'Overview' page by selecting 'Wrong Answers'. Clicking on any of the sections, will take you to your questions for that topic.

Using Smart Learning mode

Smart Learning Mode tells students what to learn and when, to maximise their progress and boost their memory retention of that subject.

The student needs to study a course so we can gather enough data for our smart learning algorithm to use insights from cognitive neuroscience & AI to give recommendations of what sections should be studied next!

Smart Learning recommendations can be found by going to the course overview page and clicking on the Smart Learning tab.

Using Quiz Mode

Quiz mode is available once you have studied a section. No concepts or content, just the questions! Perfect for focused revision.

Using Practice Questions

AI Marked exam questions tailored to your specific exam board. Unlimited with Exam Boost and above packages.

Using Mini Mock Exams

Generate realistic mini mock papers to practice under exam conditions with recommendations based on your study history.

You can also review previously completed Mini-mock papers to check your answers and marks received.

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