What is Quiz mode?
What is Seneca quiz mode and how do I access it?
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Quiz mode was introduced in January 2022. It is one of our most highly requested features from students who love and use Seneca a lot.

Put simply, Quiz mode lets you test your knowledge without being able to scroll back up to see the answers. This is great for:

  • Refreshing your memory on sections you've studied many times before

  • Testing yourself before an exam or end of topic test

To learn as effectively as possible, make sure to mix Quiz mode in with Adaptive sessions, Notes Only and Wrong Answers sessions (Premium-only)

How can I use Quiz mode?

Quiz mode is available for all Seneca premium students on the Exam Boost, Amelia AI Assistant, and Instant Tutoring packages.

Once you've completed a section in adaptive mode, you'll be able access Quiz mode from the section homepage.

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