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My school has Premium but I can't access Premium content
My school has Premium but I can't access Premium content

What to do if your school has signed up for Premium but you can't access Premium content

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You can test if your account is Premium by trying to access a Premium course. Try one of these courses to check if you have a Premium account.

You can also check via your settings page to see if there is a Premium subscription attached.

There will be a very logical explanation for students and teachers not being able to access their Premium accounts.

Someone may not be able to access their Premium account because:

1. They are signed in with the wrong email (most common)

All Premium accounts are upgraded using your school email address. You should log out and log in with your school email to access your Premium account.

2. Their email was not shared with Seneca

Sometimes schools miss out students/teachers from the data they send to Seneca. Please speak to the Seneca lead in your school about getting their email added to the list of data shared with Seneca.

Any other questions, use the chat in the corner of this page to reach our team!

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