Seneca Premium offers three learning modes:

  • Adaptive

  • Wrong Answer Mode

  • Smart Learning Mode

Adaptive Sessions

Seneca's adaptive learning sessions are available to students using our free and Premium packages.

Our adaptive learning sessions adapt what students see in a learning session based on the questions they've answered previously. If students are struggling in a particular topic, our smart algorithms will offer more support and encourage students to focus on the areas they find most challenging. 

Wrong Answer Mode

Wrong answers mode was one of our most requested Premium features. 

With wrong answers mode, once you have studied a section you can return to it and study only the answers you have got wrong. This really helps you focus on the sections you are struggling with to help you boost your grades!

Wrong Answer Mode is only available with a Premium subscription. 

Smart Learning Mode

Smart Learning Mode tells you what to learn and when to maximise your progress for a subject.

Once you have studied a course for long enough to generate enough data our smart algorithm will use insights from cognitive neuroscience & AI to generate recommendations of which sections you should study for a particular course!

Smart Learning Mode is only available with a Premium subscription. 

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