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Find out about the different courses you get with Seneca Premium.

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Premium gives you access to 800+ Premium courses. These exclusive courses give you new content, memory techniques, and questions.

You can see all the Premium courses we offer here:

Or you can read more about some of the different courses we offer below:

Predicted Papers

The Predicted Papers are designed to boost your grades. Our experienced team has designed these exam-style papers on based on historic patterns & the exact syllabus for your course to give you the perfect head start on your exam prep. It's the ideal way to prepare for the exam & improve your knowledge of the paper and the syllabus.

The Predicted Papers function as a real exam. There are no content slides to scroll up to and peek at the answers. All the questions come with a maximum number of marks, the same marks that would be available on the real exam, so you can work out what grade you might get.

HyperLearning Courses

HyperLearning is the next generation of Seneca courses - described by some students as "Seneca on Energy Drinks". They are the most entertaining & efficient way to boost your grades. With new and exclusive content it will really be your unfair advantage in preparing for the exams. If you want to take your knowledge to the next level, or quickly revise new content, then this is the way to go.

Premium Knowledge Courses

To really get you to that top grade you want to practice the toughest topics and go into the more detailed questions. The Premium Knowledge courses now got you covered. We created dedicated courses specific for students aiming at 7-9s on GCSE or A-A*s on A Level. The sections cover both new exclusive theory as well as questions that are much tougher than the standard courses. Studying these sections will really test and improve your detailed knowledge of the various subjects.

Hardest Questions Courses

We have used our data to identify the topics that students collectively find the hardest and the questions within them that pose the most problems (eg mole calculations in Chemistry, experiment analysis in Biology etc). Our Hardest Questions courses contain numerous variations of the most challenging questions to make sure that your child is prepared for everything that comes their way in the exam hall!

Night Before Courses

Go over all the essential information in an efficient way with a mixture of premium course types so that you feel super prepared for your exam in the morning. Including 'speed sections' and 'knowledge checklists'.

HyperFlashcards Courses

Achieve mastery of the key definitions and facts needed for your exams with our GIF-filled, fast-paced HyperFlashcards courses.

UCAS & university entry

Get hot tips for your UCAS application with 'Applying to Uni' courses which guide you through the process. From choosing your course and university, to writing your personal statement and attending interviews. These courses give you the inside scoop and are written by recent graduates from top UK universities.

We also have a UK Driving Theory course which is a fun way to ace your test.

Driving Theory

Acing your theory test made easy & fun! A great alternative to paid apps that drill home topics with just multiple choice questions - our course is full of videos, GIFs and question variety to keep things interesting.

On top of our Premium courses, you are also able to benefit from out Premium features. Find out more below:

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