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How can Heads of Department/Year see data for a whole year group?
How can Heads of Department/Year see data for a whole year group?

Heads of Year and department leads can see the data for their students using the join class feature.

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All Seneca schools have access to a variety of in-app and downloadable reports, depending on the subscription type.

Premium Synced and School Sync package Schools

Heads of Department/Year can easily join any classes within their school page. This will allow them to view the assignment data for each class within the year group.

Premium Synced Reports page

Premium synced schools have access to our dynamic reporting page for an overview of all study data across departments and year groups based on their chosen data metrics. Premium teachers can filter by year group and by department.

All schools

Synced and non-synced schools can generate custom reports for selected classes, downloadable into Excel and giving a complete overview of all assignment data including completion rates, independent study and a breakdown of subject study.

Premium synced schools

Schools with the school sync and Premium are able to generate a whole school report via the Custom reports tab. This will generate a complete overview for the chosen date metrics, of all study and assignment data within the school. Click here to view a sample report.

Premium School without the school sync connection?

To see data for individual classes and students, you will need to be a teacher in the classes you want to look at. You will need to be invited by the teacher to join the class.

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