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How do I set multi-class assignments?

Here's how to set an assignment to many classes at the same time

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If your school has an active school sync with Seneca, you can create one assignment for many classes at the same time. This is great for saving time when setting up homework on Seneca, and also allows your school to centralise homework-setting.

How to create a multi-class assignment

1) Click "Create assignment" on your homepage or assignments page.

2) Select the classes you want to set the assignment to.

You can also click "Show all classes in your school" to set assignments to classes you've not already joined.

3. Select the type of assignment - standard or exam questions-only.

4) Select the course and topics you want to set.

If the classes you've selected don't have any courses, you'll be asked at this stage to add the course you'd like to set homework from. Otherwise, you can select topics from any of the courses added to any given one of the classes.

5) Add any AI-marked exam questions.

6) Give the assignment a name, and select either the same start & due dates for each class, or different ones. Hit create!

This assignment will now be created in all of the classes you've selected & appear on the assignments page.

There is just one link that can be shared to access the assignment for all classes instead of one for each class.

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