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Seneca Dynamic Reporting

How to view the new in app reporting on Seneca

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You can now view in-app reports on Seneca, covering student, teacher and parent study and assignment data.

You can access these reports by logging in to your teacher account and clicking "Reports" in the top right. You then have the option to choose Student, Teacher, Parent or Custom data.

If you are an MIS integrated school

Student Data

The student tab will show how many active students there are, study time and average score as well as the subjects they have been studying.

Teacher Data

On the teacher page you can view the number of active teachers, assignments set, completion rate and which subjects.

Parent Data

The parent page will show you the number of students with an active parent, broken down by year group.

The Custom tab will allow you to generate further reports for specific classes and year groups.

If you are a Premium school

Premium schools have additional reporting available on the Student and Teacher tabs. Premium schools can view everything above but also:

Student Data

The ability to filter data by year group and department

Study time and year group data

Weekly learning sessions by subject

And top students by study time and score.

Teacher Data

Filtering by year group and department, active teachers by subject, assignments set by year group and completion rate by department and year group.

Assignment data by class

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