Using Seneca for Intervention groups

Create specific classes and groups for targeted intervention

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You might be well versed with Seneca and utilising it for homework and directed independent study for students, however, more and more teachers are using Seneca to create targeted groups for direct intervention. Be it catch up groups or challenge and stretch groups you can set assignments to individual students to enable them to study material and course topics best suited to their needs.

Quick guide

Step by step

Intervention groups can only be set for 1 class, you won't be able to use it on multi class assignments. Log into your account and go to create an assignment. Choose the class you'd like to set it to.

Select the type of assignment. Intervention groups can be set for any type of assignment.

Select your course and topics, add exam questions if you wish to.

Click the student dropdown

Choose the students you wish to set the assignment to and then assign!

Hopefully this is food for thought and an opportunity to support those that most need it!

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