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What is the School Sync package?
What is the School Sync package?

How does the School Sync package work?

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Why sync Seneca with your school system?

Save time and admin

  • Students, teachers, and classes are automatically created and populated.

  • Student information is also completely aligned with your school system, making learning data collected on Seneca more accurate and useful.

  • Changes you make within your school system will appear on Seneca within 24 hours e.g. new students or changes to classes.

  • Whole-school management of all classes and accounts, with the ability to bulk reset passwords at the click of a button!

Boost engagement:

  • Increase parental engagement by inviting parents to view their child’s homework and progress on Seneca.

  • Share personalised Report Cards directly with parents, quickly and easily.

Data & insights:

  • The ability to set assignments easily across multiple classes, even ones you don't teach. Setting whole year group tasks and revision now couldn’t be easier.

  • Dynamic reports in-app, always up to date with the latest student and teacher data

  • Generate downloadable reports for classes, year groups or even whole departments, enabling you to track student progress and closely monitor target groups, making it simple for you to tailor interventions to ensure maximum results.

You also get access to our exclusive features which are only available to schools who are integrated with us. These include:

  • Gradebook - makes tracking homework, study time & scores quick and easy, as everything is in one place.

  • School management page - enables you to overview all your accounts and gives you the ability to easily reset passwords, thus eliminating any excuses for non-homework completion!

  • Text2speech - this function allows teachers & students to listen to, rather than read the text, on most courses thus allowing SEN students or those with lower reading ages to access much more of the content independently.

  • Half termly whole school usage reports - useful to check on the overall engagement of the platform across each of your key stages.

  • Training and support - regular webinar training is provided for all staff along with our ‘How to guides’ to ensure that everyone can make the most of the platform.

  • Our dedicated customer support team ( are also on hand to help with any queries.

To start syncing Seneca with your school, or find out more, get in touch with a member of our team:


What are the benefits of syncing Seneca with our school system?

Student, teacher, and class information are automatically populated from your school system. This takes the hassle out of setting up and managing classes. Student information is also completely aligned with your school system. This makes learning data collected on Seneca more accurate and it is easier to track student progress. You can also easily reset students' passwords within Seneca if they forget them, and increase parental engagement by inviting parents to connect to their child's account. Your get exclusive access to the gradebook and Text2Speech functionality in our courses. Additionally, you will get ongoing training and support to help you make the most of the Seneca platform.

Which MIS systems can you connect to?

We can connect via Wonde to: Aladin, Arbor, Bromcom, Cloud School, Compass UK, Databridge, Engage, FacilityCMIS, IRIS Ed:gen, iSAMS, Pupil Asset, RM Integris, SIMS 7, ScholarPack, SchoolBase, SchoolPod, Teacher Centre, VSware, Veracross, WCBS.

What is the setup process for syncing Seneca with my school system?
We will first request access to your school's MIS system through our secure school access partner Wonde. You can see a copy of the data-sharing agreement and the exact permissions required to sync with Seneca in the Wonde Portal.

Once we have access to user and class information from your school system we will conduct a "dry run" to check everything is ready to get started. We will then work with your data manager to fix any issues. Finally, we will start syncing, send out login details and you will start getting all the benefits from our school MIS sync.

Will my old non-synced classes still be visible?

There will still be there but they will be under the archived tab. It is possible to unarchive them if they are still needed.

Can students leave or delete classes they are automatically added to?
No, one of the big benefits of classes synced from your school system is that students can't leave them. To remove a student from a class it must be done in the school system.

How often will Seneca sync with my school system?
Changes you make within your school system will appear on Seneca within 24 hours.

Can I get access to classes that I am not connected to as a teacher in the school system?
Yes, you can join any class in your school from the school tab on the classes page, which will show a list of all classes in your school - whether you teach them or not!

Does student learning data get deleted?
No, all student learning data is still available.

Can students move their learning data from a personal to a school account?
Yes, to do this they can follow this guide.

Will pupils also have all the old classes available or will they have both sets?
Yes, they will have both sets available but it is made clear which are the synced ones. However, teachers can delete or archive their old classes if they would no longer want them to be visible.

Can students still manage their personal data?
One of the major benefits of syncing with Seneca is that students' accounts are perfectly in line with the school system.

Can you set up the IT department with administrative access for troubleshooting?
IT departments can have an account on the platform by simply giving their name, email and school name to Ruth ( They can then view which students and teachers have accounts on the platform and bulk change passwords if necessary.

IT technicians and data managers may also find these guides helpful to troubleshoot issues:

What happens to classes between school years?
If you delete classes from your MIS and replace them with new classes in September your new classes will automatically replace your old classes. Students will keep their learning data.

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