MIS syncing allows Seneca to pull data from schools' data management systems like SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom, etc.

Seneca's MIS integration is currently in a testing phase and is only available to a small group of Premium schools. Let us know if your school is interested in testing the MIS integration with us.

Seneca's MIS integration is a Premium-only feature. You can learn more about the benefits of Premium for schools and how to set up Premium in your school below.

Information for test schools

During the testing phase, we will be providing schools with a stripped-back version of our MIS integration while we make sure everything works as expected!

During the testing phase, the schools involved in testing will benefit from:

  1. Syncing the data and create all the classes. The synced classes will then appear for each teacher automatically.

  2. Students will automatically be added to all the MIS classes they're in.

  3. Non-MIS classes (the ones used at the moment) will still be visible alongside the MIS classes. The MIS classes will contain class lists in line with your MIS.

  4. You won't be able to add/remove students or change the name of any MIS class. This is to make sure class names and lists stay consistent with the data in the MIS.

  5. Teachers can add other teachers to the MIS classes to ensure data can be shared across the school.

  6. Any learning data on students' accounts (using school email addresses) will be visible to teachers in the MIS classes. The only data that won't be visible in the MIS classes is data on whether students completed past assignments on time, late or not at all.

What other features are available after testing is complete?

Once testing is completed, we hope to build on the above with a whole host of additional benefits. Seneca's fully rolled out MIS integration will:

  • Allow school, department and year leaders to add themselves to any class in the school. This will create much greater access to student data.

  • Allow all staff to get access to demographic data for each student and see the data alongside students' learning data.

  • Automatically make changes in class lists on Seneca to avoid having to manually add and remove students from classes.

  • Automatically add and remove teachers and students from your school's Premium account.

  • Give 100% clarity on who has access to Premium in your school (if they're in your MIS, they'll have access to Premium).

  • Much, much more that we will develop through ongoing feedback.

Which MISs does Seneca integrate with?

We offer an integration between Seneca and your MIS through Wonde. Wonde allows Seneca to sync with school data across all the most commonly used MISs. See the MISs Seneca can sync with under 'MIS integration Guides' here.

The list of available MISs through Wonde as of April 2021 are:

  • Arbor

  • Bromcom

  • Civica Maze

  • Engage

  • Facility CMIS

  • Furlong

  • iSMAS

  • Progresso

  • Pupil Asset (pa)

  • RM Integris

  • SIMS

  • SIMS Primary

  • ScholarPack REST

  • SchoolBase

  • SchoolPod

  • Teacher Centre

  • VSware

  • WCBS

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