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Seneca Premium for schools 🚀
What are the benefits of Premium for Teachers?
What are the benefits of Premium for Teachers?

What are the additional features available to Premium Schools?

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As a teacher in a school that's purchased Premium, your account will be upgraded to Premium along with your students' accounts.

Being upgraded to Premium allows teachers to:

  • Mass download student-level data through the Reports tab

  • Access in-app dynamic reporting

  • Set Premium courses as assignments

  • Set AI-marked exam question-only assignments

  • Set unlimited standard Seneca assignments with AI-marked exam questions attached

  • Create and set unlimited Magic Quizzes using their own resources

  • Set tailored assignments for students based on their Knowledge Gaps

  • Unlimited training sessions and support from our dedicated Premium team

We provide all teachers, whether they're Premium or free users, with access to:

  • Monitoring progress

  • Setting assignments

  • Setting Smart Assignments

Why do schools subscribe to Premium?

There are significant benefits for a school's SLT, Heads of Department and students.

Schools gain access to Seneca's School Sync package with Premium to make sure all classes are set up and maintained automatically on Seneca.

SLT and Heads of Department gain access to extra reporting functionality to help them understand and drive Seneca usage across the school or department.

Teachers can set 800+ additional Premium courses as assignments, and create AI-marked exam question only assignments.

We also create accounts for all your students so they can have access to Premium (don't worry - student data can be transferred!

Students will also benefit from a school upgrading to Premium! Students gain access to 800+ additional Premium courses and powerful Premium Learning tools to support independent learning.

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