Where has my Premium access gone?

This guide talks you through how to find your Premium access

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Sometimes, people get in touch with us because their Premium subscription has disappeared from their account. There is almost always a very logical explanation for this.

You may not be seeing your Premium access because:

  1. You are signed in with a second account that has a different email to the account you paid for Premium on. Check your email in your settings and try to log in with a different email address. 

  2. Your Premium access has expired. You will be able to find if that is the case by checking your Premium settings

  3. You have purchased Premium for a different account. Sometimes, parents buy Premium on their own Seneca account instead of on the child's account. The Premium subscription needs to be transferred to the child to give them access in this case. You can transfer your Premium account to your child by filling in this form

If you still can't get access to Premium, you can message us by clicking the chat in the corner of this screen.

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