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Can I access my students' accounts or reset their passwords?
Can I access my students' accounts or reset their passwords?

This article covers why you cannot get access to your students' accounts.

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For MIS-Synced schools, teachers who share a class with students can reset passwords via the school tab on the platform.

For non-MIS schools, unfortunately, because of data protection, we cannot share account control and access.

Each user owns the data on their account and this needs to be protected by law.

Schools using single sign-on with Microsoft or Google are able to control student and teacher passwords.

Resetting student passwords through Microsoft and Google

School IT teams are able to reset students' passwords for their Google or Microsoft accounts.

If students have linked their Google or Microsoft account to their Seneca account, your school's IT team will be able to reset students' Google or Microsoft account passwords and, therefore, reset the password used by students to access Seneca.

Resetting passwords

Students can reset their own password quickly and easily if their account isn't connected to Google/Microsoft. Find out how here:

Tracking student progress

If you want to see your students' data, you can invite them to your class. This will allow you to track their progress and work completed.

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