My students’ statistics are not showing up

This article covers what to do when your students' statistics are not showing up.

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There are a few common reasons for why student statistics are not showing on your teacher account.

Student completed work on different account

Some students sign up for more than one account with Seneca. Students can sometimes be logged in to different account on different devices without realising. The work a student completes will only show up in your class if the work is completed on an account linked to that class. 

You can check which accounts are linked to your class by clicking on your class and selecting 'Students' You will be able to see the email addresses of the accounts linked to your class. These emails should match up with the emails in each student's personal settings.

Filters on the data

The data you see in 'Grades' and 'Assignments' can be filtered. If the filters aren't selected correctly you may not see the data you want. 

  • E.g. If you have last 7 days selected, you will not be able to see data from before this period. 

  • E.g. You may have selected a different course to the one you want to see data for.

Assignment start date

If you're looking at data in the 'Assignments' tab, you need to know that data will only show in 'Assignments' after the assignments start date has passed. Students won't be able to see or study to assignment until the start date.

Teachers set the assignment date when they set up the assignment. The assignment start date can be edited by following this help article.

Student is not enrolled

Please make sure your student is enrolled in your class. If the class is not shown on their classes page when the student logs in, then they are not enrolled and should click on the student invite link again, or join the class via the class code. If you are a school with the School Sync package then check that their account is syncing correctly by finding them on the 'School' page.

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