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Multi-Section Session (aka Cramming Mode)
Multi-Section Session (aka Cramming Mode)
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Students on Seneca now have access to our Multi-Section Sessions, aka Cramming Mode!

Cram mode is designed to help you recall your knowledge across multiple topics, so you can work out where your strengths and weaknesses lie and focus your revision effectively.

The quiz only multi-section session allows students to quickly find which topics they’re weaker in before their big exam.

Cram mode is available on any free course in Seneca, you can access it by clicking on the course overview.

Select the topics you want to test yourself on, or click "Random" and Seneca will choose topics at random for you!

Start studying. You will be asked questions from across all the topics selected until you decide you’ve had enough.

Once you feel you’ve done enough cramming, tap ‘Finish’ and you’ll be shown which topics you did well at, and which topics you might want to work a bit more on.

While Cram mode is still in Beta it is available to all students’ accounts. We’re always looking to improve it so you can study efficiently, effectively, and smash your exams. We are working on adding personalised revision recommendations based off your cramming results - stay tuned!

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