How do I re-mark AI-marked exam questions?

In some cases, you may want to re-mark AI-marked exam questions set as part of Seneca assignments - here's how!

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Why should I re-mark an exam question?

In the vast majority of cases, AI will accurately mark the answers students have submitted when completing any free-text exam questions as part of assignments on Seneca.

There might be some instances in which you want to re-mark an exam question that students have completed. There are some special icons to look out for:

1. Flagged answer

This shows when a student has manually flagged the marking of their exam question as inaccurate. We switch on automatic marking when we're confident the AI can mark the vast majority of answers with a high level of accuracy. There may be some cases where it doesn't quite get this right, and so we let students flag this to their teacher.

2. Self-marked answer

The pencil icon shows when students have marked the answer themselves, instead of the AI doing it for them. We switch on automatic marking when we're confident the AI can mark submitted answers with a high level of accuracy. We still allow teachers to set exam questions that aren't automatically marked, as they're still a useful resource for exam practice - this is highlighted when you set the assignment.

How do I re-mark an answer?

There are a couple of ways to re-mark an answer:

1. Specific exam question

If you want to look at the specific answer a student has given, you can click on the score they got. This will open a modal where you can correct their mark.

2. Speedy marking

This is great if you want to mark many student answers in the quickest way possible.

Clicking the "Speedy Marking" button allows you to choose to re-mark:

  • All exam questions

  • Just flagged exam questions

  • Specific exam questions

This will take you to a specific page where you can quickly click through and mark everything the class has submitted:

If you're reviewing a multi-class assignment, you're not yet able to re-mark exam questions across multiple classes (this is coming!). Instead, you'll need to go to the specific class the assignment was set to, and re-mark the answers in the ways outlined above.

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