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How do I renew my school's Seneca Premium?
How do I renew my school's Seneca Premium?

This article explains why you may not be able to access your classes and Premium resources, and how to renew your school's Seneca Premium

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What is Seneca Premium?

Seneca Premium gives teachers access to 800+ extra Premium courses to set as homework, unlimited assignments with AI-marked Exam Questions attached, Exam Question-only assignments, Magic Quizzes and much more. It also provides whole school reporting, independent learning modes for students, and includes the School Sync package where we integrate with your MIS (e.g. SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom etc) to auto-generate all your classes everyday.

Why can't I access my classes or Premium resources?

If you see the following when trying to enter your synced classes or set Premium resources, then your school's Seneca Premium subscriptions have expired:

How do I regain access to Seneca Premium?

Please get in touch with so that we can arrange renewal of your school's Seneca Premium. Just let us know that you'd like to renew for another year and we can get things back up and running ASAP!

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