What are Mini Mocks on Seneca?

How to find, create and complete mini mock exams

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Mini mock exams are designed to replicate a real-life exam under timed conditions, created using your Seneca learning history. Perfect for practicing and boosting your confidence under exam conditions.

Video Tutorial - Mini Mock Exams

Step-by-step guide

Click Exam Prep on the left-hand side bar and then Mini Mock.

Seneca will pre-select the study topics based on your learning history. Select all the topics you would like to include in your mini-mock and click next.

You can choose whether to include hard questions, calculations questions, AI marked only and Wrong Answers questions in the mini-mock.

Once you've made your selection a summary will generate of the mini mock including total marks available and time allowed.

When ready, hit "Let's go!" to get started answering the questions. These will be laid out as in an exam. Questions with larger numbers of marks will come closer to the end of the paper.

After checking your answers and handing the paper in, the AI will mark the questions and provide your marks. Or, you'll be asked to self-mark if you haven't turned on AI marking. Sometimes the AI can't mark a question - these are shown with a grey score.

You can then mark yourself against the mark scheme for questions the AI couldn't mark or view the marks the AI gave you.

The final score!

Once you have completed Mini Mock exams, you can return to them in the future to view your results and answers.

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