How do I use Amelia AI Assistant?
How to contact AI Amelia
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Amelia AI Assistant is a new feature available for users with our Amelia AI Assistant package and above.

Amelia is a Seneca trained chatbot available to help you out with any question you have on any subject you're studying in Seneca, so you never get stuck.

As well as having detailed knowledge about the course curriculum she can recommend study methods and her responses are targeted to your year group so her answers are always relevant!

Amelia's newest skill is being able to explain where you went wrong in your mock exam answers (See below).

Amelia was launched in February 2023 and will continue to be improved to become more personalised and relevant to accelerate your learning.

How to find Amelia

Amelia can be found within each course by clicking 'Ask Amelia' on the left-hand side bar.

You are then shown a selection of the most common questions asked. If the question is what you are looking for, Amelia will answer when you select it.

You can also type in your own question or use your microphone to record yourself saying your question!

Make sure you click the microphone before you start speaking!

Amelia can also make study suggestions if you are finding revision difficult!

If you want to keep a record of Amelia's answers, make sure to save them as once you leave the page the answers will be lost!

🆕 Tell me where I went wrong

Amelia's newest skill is being able to give to detailed feedback on where you went wrong on Seneca's 10,000+ open ended exam questions.

Amelia can explain where you went wrong with a question on Practice Questions.

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