How do I use Amelia AI Assistant?

How to contact AI Amelia

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​Available in our Amelia AI Assistant package, Amelia is a Seneca trained chatbot who can help you out with any question on any subject you're studying in Seneca, so you never get stuck.

As well as having detailed knowledge about the course curriculum, she can recommend study methods and her responses are targeted to your year group so her answers are always relevant!

How to find Amelia

There are two ways to find Amelia - either within each course by clicking 'Ask Amelia' on the left-hand side bar, or once you have completed a particular topic, at the bottom of the flattened notes for that topic.

Amelia can suggest topics for discussion based on your study history or you can ask her anything you like about the subject.

You can type in your own question or use your microphone to record yourself saying your question, make sure you click the microphone before you start speaking!

Students can now also upload images to Amelia AI for help on their school work!

Amelia can make study suggestions and offer tips and advice if you are finding revision difficult.

Tell me where I went wrong

Amelia's newest skill is being able to give to detailed feedback on where you went wrong on Seneca's 10,000+ open ended exam questions.

Any answers will be lost when you leave the page so if you want to keep a copy, make sure to screenshot or copy them before you leave!

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