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Using the GoStudent resource search
Using the GoStudent resource search
How to get the most out of the GoStudent resource search
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Welcome to the GoStudent resources search platform

This is where you can find free resources to use in your online lessons! Our goal is to save you time planning lessons but making it easy to find the best content for each of your tutoring sessions.

1. Use the smart search of filters to search for relevant resources

2. The smart preview will help you see all the content in the resource
- Click "Try as a student" to launch an adaptive learning session. Ideal for screen sharing
- Click "Share" to easily share the resource with your tutee

3. Give us feedback to help us improve the resource search

The resource search is currently in BETA and we are improving it all the time. Please share any feedback that you have here, it will really help us to improve things!

The search is currently available in the UK & Brazilian markets. But the plan is to roll it out to other markets once we get things right :).

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