Whilst you might be applying Seneca for homework and for signposted independent student study, have you considered how you might also be able to leverage Seneca to support targeted interventions?

Whether you are connected to Seneca via your school MIS or not, you have the capability to create bespoke classes and invite students to attend outside of their regular timetabled classes.

Some ideas for how this might be applied:

  • Ability to schedule below key stage material to target pupils outside of their scheduled classes.

  • Create lunchtime/after school study club classes.

  • Stretch and challenge classes.

  • Summer school/learning groups

As you manage these classes manually you can have free reign as to which course material you draw down into them, so they can be directed at a subject-specific level (e.g. KS2 Maths for catch up interventions) or curate cross-curricular materials for targetted assignments or guided learning.

This video will walk you through how to set up such a class.

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