What happens when I archive a class?

What happens to my data & what can my students see? How do I unarchive classes?

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MIS-Synced schools need to be careful about archiving classes and only archive manually created classes. You can tell if a class was manually created or synced by the 'Synced' label on the class.

Where can I find my archived classes?

  • To access your archived classes, you just need to select the Archived classes tab on the main classes page.

What will I see when I look at an archived class?

  • You will still be able to view assignment data, insights data & student data from archived classes

  • But, you will no longer be able to perform the following actions:

    • Adding teachers

    • Adding courses

    • Adding students

    • Managing students

    • Creating assignments

      • All these actions will be 'greyed out' in the class making it clear that you can't use them

What will students in the class see when it's archived?

  • Archived classes will not appear on the student Classes page

  • Assignments from archived classes will appear on the student Upcoming assignments & Past assignments pages. Students will be able to complete these as they normally would.

What will other teachers in the class see when I archive a class?

Other teachers who you have invited to the class will see what you see.

The class will appear under Archived classes for them & they can access all the data by going into the class.

Can I restore/unarchive a class?

Yes, you can unarchive a class at any time & regain full functionality within that class by clicking the Unarchive class button.

You can also unarchive a class from the Archived tab on the classes page by clicking the 3 dots next to the class you wish to restore.

You can find more info on how to do this is here.

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