Notes Only mode was one of our most requested features! We had a lot of feedback saying it would be great to skim back over the Seneca content you love without having to answer all the associated questions every time.

With Notes Only mode, you can return to a section once you've studied it to check out just the notes. This is great for:

  • Making your own notes

  • Quickly checking definitions or examples for a topic

To learn as effectively as possible, make sure to mix things up between Adaptive sessions, Notes Only sessions, & Wrong Answers sessions (Premium-only).

How to use Notes Only mode?

You will be able to choose between different learning modes when you revisit a section you've previously studied.

You can revisit a section by:

  • Clicking it in the sidebar on the left of your screen

  • Clicking Try again when you complete a section

"Adaptive" is a classic Seneca session with both notes and questions - you can use this mode as many times as you want for free.

"Notes only" mode will show you just the content for that topic.

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