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This article explains how to export data for multiple classes in one go allowing to perform better student, class, and department analysis.

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Class sharing allows Senior Leaders, Data Managers and other SLT to see data from classes across the whole school.

Class sharing will give you access to data but you will still need to go into each class to see the data. You can gain access to whole-school data reporting through Seneca Premium.

Premium schools can now export aggregated student and class data across a whole school, department, year group or even just a group of classes in one go.

The report will facilitate classroom teachers, Heads of Year, Heads of Department and SLT to track data across the school and identify classes and students trends.

Ultimately, we want to make it easier for staff in leadership positions to see how students are performing across multiple subjects and classes.

Video Tutorial - How to generate data reports in Seneca

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How to get access to data across your school, department, year group or classes:

  1. Ask teachers who own those classes to invite you to the classes via your email. You'll need to accept the invitation to access the data.

  2. Click the Progress tab at the top of your Seneca teacher account.

  3. Select the classes and timeframe you want to see data for. Click 'Generate report'.

  4. Wait for the data to be processed. Click 'Download' to access the report.

Want to export additional metrics or dimensions?

We're continuously upgrading our reporting and export functionality. Thus, if you have any feedback around missing metrics then please do let us know and we might be able to implement these fairly quickly. You can share your feedback via the linked form below.

Generate Whole School report data

If you are an MIS connected school you can now export a whole school report that provides a range of insight from holistic whole school use and top line performance to granular individual student or cohort progress and performance data.

Within the progress tab you will now see a new check box:

Rather than just reviewing a selection of classes that you are associated with you can now export a range of information across the school use of Seneca.

  1. Click the check box for Whole School Report

  2. Select the date range from the list or custom

  3. Click generate report

You do not need to stay on the progress report page whilst the report generates, you can navigate away and come back when you are ready.

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