Step 2 - Create a Discord account

  • You can just login if you already have a Discord account

Step 3 - Activate your tutoring subscription

  • You can use either of the 2 options below

Press /activate mention in the pinned post and paste your activation code

Type /activate and paste your activation code

Step 4 - Read the welcome message and click the emoji at the bottom

  • Clicking the emoji will reveal a new channel where you can seelct the subjects you are studying.

Step 5 - Choose your subjects and interests

  • If you’re on a mobile, you will need to swipe across from the left of your screen to see the new channel

  • Each time you click an emoji, you will get access to a new channel

  • Select what you are studying and what you would like to learn more about

Step 6 - Click the Seneca logo to finish your setup

  • This will give you access to some new channels, where you can share ideas, talk with the community and see how you are doing on the server leaderboard

Step 7 - Ask some questions!

A video guide is also available here:

Useful Help Articles from Discord

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