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Here is everything you need to know to get the most out of Seneca for free!

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Seneca offers free bite-sized content and interactive questions to keep your students engaged. Our resources are aligned to national and state standards, including TEKS, NGSS, CCSS and Regents. Here is how to get started and join 250 thousand teachers using Seneca for free.

1. Sign up for free

Fill out this form with your basic information and that's it! Now you have an account on Seneca and can use all our resources for free.

2. Set up your class

To use Seneca with your students, first, you need to set up your class. Simply click on "Create a Class" and follow the instructions on the screen. Here is a video to show you exactly how to.

3. Create an assignment

Choose from hundred of interactive activities to use with your students when introducing, reviewing or assessing a topic. Here is a video to let you know how to do so.

4. Invite your students

Now that your class is fully set up, the last step is to connect with your students. You can even link your Seneca class with your classes on Google Classroom, Schoology, Microsoft Teams and other systems. The video shows you how to do that:

5. Invite your colleagues

You can invite your colleagues to also admin your class on Seneca. Simply type their emails and they will receive the invite. Here is how:

6. Check your students' progress

As soon as your students join your Seneca class and start completing the assignments, you will get a real-time, live report about their individual progress in each topic. You will be shown their worst grade, average grade, best grade, study time, number of trials and more. To do that, simply click on Assignments or Insights on the left bar and select the relevant assignment or topic.

7. Enjoy quality free PD

Besides all our content for students, we also offer free online PD courses for teachers. Complete them and get your certificates clicking here.

Feel free to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions. We'd love to hear from you.

Twitter: @seneca_k12

And if you are feeling confident, you can apply to become a Seneca Certified Educator! Click here to find out more.

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