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Data Protection, FERPA and EdLaw 2-D
Data Protection, FERPA and EdLaw 2-D

This article covers our policies on the protection of personal data and compliance with data protection regulations.

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We understand the importance for schools to only use platforms that are compliant with the latest data protection regulations, FERPA and EdLaw. You can read our privacy policies and compliance with the latest data protection regulations in our Terms and conditions.

We confirm a few important points in this article that may be helpful to you in confirming compliance with FERPA or EdLaw in your state and school district:

  • We do not sell any data to third parties. In keeping with the parents' bill of rights for data privacy and security shall state in clear and plain English terms that a student's personally identifiable information cannot be sold or released for any commercial purposes.

  • We have data security protections, including data systems monitoring, data encryption, incident response plans, limitations on access to personally identifiable information, safeguards to ensure personally identifiable information is not accessed by unauthorized persons when transmitted over communication networks, and destruction of personally identifiable information when no longer needed.

  • Data is stored securely within the European Union using 256bit AES encryption (more specifically in Dublin).

  • Students can manage their personal data at any time using the settings page in their account.

  • Personal data is used only for the specified purposes of running Seneca. Student email, first name, last name and school are collected from students.

  • We act as a ‘data controller’ – on behalf of students. We only act on students behalf; all data belongs to the student.

  • Teachers can request access to a student's learning data from the student by inviting them to classes.

  • A student can manage which teachers have access to their learning data. They can do this at any time in the settings page for each of the classes they choose to join.

  • If a user does not login to their account for 6 years their account will be deleted and all personal data will be removed from our systems.

  • A user can delete their account at any time by getting in contact via our webchat in the corner of this page. After receiving an account deletion request a users account and all personal data associated with it will be deleted within 30 days.

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