Class sharing allows Senior Leaders, Data Managers and other SLT to see data from classes across the whole school.

Class sharing will give you access to data but you will still need to go into each class to see the data. You can gain access to whole-school data reporting through Seneca Premium.

Learn how to download whole-school data WITH Premium

Learn how to access each class in the school WITHOUT Premium

To see data for individual classes you will need to join them with your own Seneca teacher account. There are a few ways you can do this:

  1. Ask the teachers in your school to invite you to their Seneca class.

  2. Create Seneca classes for the teachers in your school & invite them to the class. You will still be the owner of the class.

  3. Create Seneca classes for the teachers in your school & invite them to the class. Then, transfer ownership of the class to them.

Step by step guide to adding teachers to a class:

  1. Go to the class overview page of the class in which you want to add a teacher. Click 'Add teachers'.

2. Enter the email address of the teacher you want to add to the class and click 'send invite'.

They will need a Seneca account to be able to join your class. Make sure you are entering their Seneca email address!

3. They will receive an email to notify them they have been invited to the class. They need to accept the invite to join the class, the same way students do.

You can also manually send them the join link while their invite is 'pending'. Click on the three dots next to their name and copy the link. When they click the link they will be given the option to join the class.

4. To transfer ownership of a class or remove a teacher from a class, click on 'teachers' in the class overview page. Then, click on the three dots next to their name.

This will give you the option to make them the owner, or remove them from the class.

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