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What is Seneca?
How can home educators use Seneca?
How can home educators use Seneca?

Learn how to make the most of Seneca for home schooling your children

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Seneca provides you with a free online learning platform that you can use to support your child's home learning.

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More about Seneca

Seneca Learning is a learning platform designed in collaboration with neuroscientists from Oxford, Cambridge and UCL. The online platform is a bit like an interactive textbook or revision guide. It contains summaries, notes, videos and hundreds of practise questions. This means that Seneca combines revision guides, quizzes & videos with scientifically proven learning techniques. In an experiment with more than 1,000 students, those using Seneca scored 2x more marks than those using a revision guide.

Free revision and homework platform; free resources; faster progress.

Seneca helps increase the efficiency of learning for everyone between the ages 8-18 (we cover KS2, KS3, GCSEs and A Levels). Teachers can set work, which is automatically marked, or students can use the system themselves. Teachers can analyse students’ proficiency, engagement and performance in as much detail as desired. We recommend that students work on Seneca once a fortnight, supplementing any existing systems or practices. The system is completely adaptive and our algorithms are optimised to maximise memory and understanding. All content is exam board specific and has been written by senior examiners.

The motivation behind Seneca

There are a lot of education resources out there, but we thought that two things seemed to be wrong with them. First, we thought many products didn’t apply evidence from cognitive neuroscience or applied psychology. Secondly, a lot of these resources seemed expensive, effectively pricing many schools and students out of the market. We did not want that to happen with Seneca. Our whole team attended state schools across the country & all of our courses are free to access. Because of the popularity of Seneca, running the platform has become quite expensive - in the future we may add some paid premium features to help cover these costs.

High quality exam board specific content

The content on our site is exam-board specific and written by senior examiners at the major exam boards. We wanted to share the highest quality content with every student in the UK.

2x faster progress?

We tested our system in a Randomised Control Trial with 1,120 participants. Those using Seneca outperformed their peers using the most common revision techniques (reading revision guides or notes and making their own notes) by 105% after a month of the trial. This was achieved by applying robustly supported techniques to enhance memory and understanding. We do not just focus on memory, though, and believe that understanding and engagement are also worthy goals in education.

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