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Smart Assignments

Create individualised assignments for students based on the things they struggled with most on past assignments

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Smart Assignments allow you to re-set sections on an assignment that students struggled with the most.

Each student will be re-set the sections that fulfil the conditions you specify. In the following case, all sections that haven't been studied, or with a score of less than 50% will be re-set.

1) On any past assignment, click "Smart Reassign"

2) Select the conditions under which you would like to re-set sections

Each student will be re-set the sections that fulfil these conditions.

3) Give your new assignment a name & due date

4) Share the assignment with your students

  • Either share a link with them or ask students to go on the assignments section on Seneca.

What does the N/S mean?

N/S - (not set) the student wasn't set the section i.e the section didn't fulfil the criteria chosen for re-assigning sections as these were achieved the first time they studied it.

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