Seneca offers a range of different support packages to help your school get ready for the new school year in September.

You can start all these things now and we will do the rest for you ready for September.

How can Seneca support setting up for the new school year?

1. Summer Catch-up

We want to support as many pupils as we can to make up for lost time from the COVID-19 school closures.

Learn how you can use Seneca to support students to catch up on missed work.

2. Seneca School Analytics & SLT Support

Seneca School Analytics & SLT Support is designed to help senior leadership teams in schools make the most of everything Seneca has to offer.

3. Transfer your classes to new teachers

You can automatically change over your classes ready for the new school year. This will save you and your colleagues time as you won't need to set up new classes in September.

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