Seneca School Analytics & SLT Support is designed to help senior leadership teams in schools make the most of everything Seneca has to offer.

We're giving away free access to Seneca School Analytics & SLT Support package for 200 lucky schools.

Seneca School Analytics & SLT Support will run from September 2020 and will give your school access to:

  • Analytics on your school's Seneca usage from September 2020.
  • Access to our new homework setting tool to automatically differentiate work based on students' weaknesses.
  • Access to our CPD courses & early access to our free CPD subject conferences.
  • Guidance on how to get optimal results with Seneca.
  • A personalised Seneca page for the courses taught in your school.

Due to the level of support provided, we can only offer this service to 200 schools.

Apply to be 1 of 200 schools that will benefit for free below 😊

Get ready for next year:

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