Seneca School Analytics & SLT Support is designed to help senior leadership teams in schools make the most of everything Seneca has to offer.

We're giving away free access to Seneca School Analytics & SLT Support package for 200 lucky schools.

Seneca School Analytics & SLT Support will run from September 2020 and will give your school access to:

  • Analytics on your school's Seneca usage from September 2020.

  • Access to our new homework setting tool to automatically differentiate work based on students' weaknesses.

  • Access to our CPD courses & early access to our free CPD subject conferences.

  • Guidance on how to get optimal results with Seneca.

  • A personalised Seneca page for the courses taught in your school.

Due to the level of support provided, we can only offer this service to 200 schools.

Apply to be 1 of 200 schools that will benefit for free below 😊

Export school data yourself:

Teachers can now also export progress insights for all their classes in one go. To do so, head over to your Progress page and generate one of the custom reports covering multiple classes in one export:

Get ready for next year:

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